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Personalized Plan Just For You

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Now You Can Stop Your Suffering Even When Your Situation Seems Hopeless!

When it comes to navigating your health, information simply isn’t enough.
You need to have a step-by-step plan. 

Finding the information you need is like looking for a needle in a haystack. What is true? What is valid? How do you know? 

I am Dr. Jessica Kanwhen, Pharm.D. and I am here to save you from years of misdiagnosis by doctors and misinformation from experts.  I am here to guide you to a path out of thyroid illness and hormonal imbalance.  

If you are REALLY ready and need and want more guidance – like someone to take you through the entire journey – then my Root Cause Analysis Case Review is the first step you need to take.  

It’s time to take control of your health journey and write a new chapter in your story. 

I can work with you in reaching your health goals through convenient phone or Skype Appointments, no matter your location!

Before I explain the Root Cause Analysis Case Review, so that you know it covers what YOU need, I want to share some RESULTS that some of my clients have shared with me.

These Results Always Blow My Mind!:

  • Improved weight loss. Most of my clients have lost 10-20 pounds in the first 1-2 months of working with me.

  • Reduction or complete elimination of their daily coffee/caffeinated drinks .  Many of my clients, before working with me, had to chug caffeine like it was going out of style in order to stay awake during the day. 

  • No longer have to take naps during the day...And many of my clients practically lived for a nap!

  • They fall asleep and stay asleep for 6-8 hours a night and when they wake up, now they fell rested and restored.

  • More energy during the day.

  • More mental clarity. They can concentrate and focus on tasks that need to be completed.

  • Improvement in their memory.

  • Reduction of hair loss and improved hair growth.

  • Have regular bowel movements... They can finally have 2-3 bowel movements a day!

  • Reduction and elimination of hot flashes and night sweats

  • Reduction of depression, anxiety, mood swings, and irritability.  Their mood is stable and they are much more pleasant to be around, according to their family.

  • Major reduction of heavy menstrual bleeding

  • No more PMS (premenstrual syndrome). No more headaches, bloating, irritability and cramping before their menstrual cycle.

  • Pain reduction in their joints and abdomen. 

  • Less pain during sexual intercourse

  • Increase in sexual desire and more pleasurable sexual intercourse with their husband.

  • Decrease and elimination of allergic reactions (rashes, hives, and swelling)

  • Skin is moisturized 

And that’s just during the first FEW MONTHS of working with me!  During your Root Cause Analysis Case Review, I will give you the opportunity to work with me on a continual basis.  Why? Because I know this journey – your health journey – is not a straight line. It zigs and zags and loops around. So if you want a guide to help you, someone that understands the path of healing and can teach you and your doctor how to improve your health, then your first step is to schedule a Root Cause Analysis Case Review.

If you're at your lowest point... and really struggling with hopelessness.... afraid you'll never get better... My advice to you is this, "Don’t give up. Get better so you can live the life you were created to live.” 

So are you ready to check out the Root Cause Analysis Case Review? Are you afraid you can’t afford it? Hear my heart, this is probably the most valuable, least expensive healing opportunity you’ve seen so far! Many of my clients have spent tens of thousands of dollars and have not been given a simple step-by-step plan, like you will receive when you work with me. 


You’ll start with the Root Cause Assessment, a 300-question assessment based on my experience in working with people with Thyroid and Hormone Imbalances, that will predict your risk of potential root causes, so that you can prioritize your interventions and tests. The first part of My Healing Plan is focused on strengthening your body, where I walk you through the most important lab testing, (you can even order your own labs), as well as how to understand your lab tests.  

Here is My Healing Plan-

And Even This is Just the Beginning!

1. Mindset:

Best practices on how to reduce the effects of stress in your life. (Think relaxing and low cost). 

2. Testing:

Save time and money and find out which labs you need. (And which ones you don't need!) 

3. Medications:

Optimal medications that work for most Thyroid & Hormone Patients.  (Plus the right dosage for your body!)

4. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT):

Determining if you're a candidate for BHRT, choosing which hormones need replacement, and getting a doctor approval to compound this therapy. 

5. Liver Support:

Ways to gently clear pathways and refresh the liver, so your body can heal itself.

6. Food:

I take an in-depth look at foods that help and which ones harm your body.

7. Nutrient Depletions:

Choosing the right supplements. (And HOW to find out if you're lacking key nutrients.)

8. Antibodies:

What are they, how are they important and how to reduce them?

9. Adrenals:

Adrenal fatigue might be limiting your ability to get well. Find out how to recover from it and get better. 

10. Gut Healing: 

Find out how to heal your gut so you can process nutrients the way your body is designed to digest. 

11. Infections:

Pinpointing if you have one or more infections is critical in your health journey.

12. Next Steps:

Now that you're feeling better, learn how to stay in remission!

I’m here, and I want to help you, because I know how much it sucks to be sick.

It took my pharmacist’s brain and a ton of additional studying and research to find the healing strategies to get my clients well.  And it took YEARS.

I help many women recover their health, and I know you can recover your health too.

And it doesn’t have to take years. You can lean into my healing strategies and experience to create your best life and health.

The most painful thing for me as a healer and empathetic person is to watch people drowning and not being able to convince them that they can just stand up and heal themselves.

Root Cause Analysis Case Review

If you’re looking for a deep, focused dive into addressing Thyroid Issues and the many symptoms you may be challenged with, I’m a 1000% confident that this Root Cause Analysis Case Review is where you should begin.

I created this Root Cause Analysis Case Review based on working with clients with Thyroid and Hormonal Imbalances.  I have helped many women obtain really great outcomes!

Believe me, it has been amazing to see the light bulbs, breakthroughs and “aha” moments from my work with my clients! But having YOU be one of my clients? Well, that’s irreplaceable :) 

I love hearing about my clients' progress in their health journey! After completing their Root Cause Analysis Case Review , here are just some of the results clients report once they start doing the steps in their Customized Healing Plan: 


"I'm went from taking 6 anti-depressant drugs to only taking 2 drugs in only 1 month of following Jessica's Healing Plan."


—  Actual Patient Testimony

What if you’ve been on this journey for a while – and tried “everything” out there?

Look, many of my clients are already super knowledgeable. Some of them have been navigating Thyroid and Hormone Issues for decades.  Many of my clients have been to numerous doctors and specialists, and some of them are even practitioners themselves! And even these individuals still required the guidance from my Root Cause Analysis Case Review.

I came up with the idea of doing private consultations as a result of my years working as a retail pharmacist.

In my experience, my Customized Healing Plan reduces my client's dependency on practitioners! (Imagine the $$$ and time saved.)

This is what I want to give you: empowerment, as well as a way to manage your own condition. 

The total cost for my Root Cause Analysis Case Review is less than the price you pay for your monthly health insurance premiums and deductibles. In addition, if you were to pay individually to consult with a Nutritionist, a Doctor of Pharmacy, a Hormone Specialist, a Health Coach, and a Compounding Pharmacist, you would easily spend over $2000!  One consultation session with me is the equivalent of 5 sessions with other health practitioners! That’s how much detail and care that I give my clients.

Calling, Jessica Kanwhen

Booking my Root Cause Analysis Case Review  will help you figure out how to get yourself better, and how to best utilize your doctor (even if he/she is not trained in integrative or functional medicine).

You’ll also have access to labs and assessments that are only available to functional medicine providers so that you can take charge of your own health!

I teach you to be more resilient so that you can face life’s health challenges and take back your power. You’re already more powerful than you think, and your body can heal itself if given the right support.

While I’ve studied the best medications during my pharmacist training (and I’ll teach you how to utilize those to your benefit), I have also found that there are many natural and safe treatments that can work even better than most medications.

One woman told me that she saw more improvements in the two months of following my Healing Plan than she had over 20 years of working with numerous doctors! This is not to say the doctors are to blame, but rather that empowered patients are more likely to have better outcomes!

Helping you to discover that your body is a healing machine... that it can turn around... that your life can be wonderful... that has become my vision... and my mission.

One client recently sent me this update:

I lost 4 lbs during the Christmas Holidays! I've been struggling to lose weight and I've tried multiple thyroid meds, hormone therapies, supplements, workouts, diets... Even though the Holidays were very stressful, I was still able to lose weight using my Healing Plan from Jessica.

Q&A about the Root Cause Analysis Case Review

  • Can I consult with you if I live in a different city, state, or country?

    • Yes! I consult with the majority of my clients via phone and video conferencing (Skype).


  • I've always been told my thyroid is normal but I have symptoms. Will this Case Review help me?

    • Yes! There at least 9 different thyroid tests that should be ordered in order to see if someone's thyroid is truly functioning normally.  In my experience, most of my clients have only had 1-2 ordered.  So part of my Healing Plan will include a list of tests to order based on your symptoms and past medical history.

  • If my doctor won’t order the tests that you request, can I order my own tests?

    • Yes! I will go over all of the root cause testing that I recommend. I will go over the standard tests that your doctor should be able to order for you that will likely be covered by your insurance. I will also go over advanced functional medicine testing that may not be covered by insurance.  Your Root Cause Assessment results will help you prioritize as to which of the functional medicine tests you’ll need to get.

    • I will refer you to direct-to-consumer labs for you to order your own tests.

  • After I complete my Root Cause Analysis Case Review with you, what comes next? 

    • Great question! Here are steps of the process that occurs after the Case Review:

      1. After the completion of your Case Review, I will review all of your information that ​I obtain during the 90 minute consultation– past medical history (including surgeries), symptoms, lab tests, what you've tried that didn't work, etc.  My review of the information collected from your consultation, will take 24-72 hours. 

      2. I will formulate my Customized Healing Plan for you which includes steps that I believe that you need to take in order to stop your suffering and reclaim your health. Included in this plan will be a list of lab tests that are needed, nutritional recommendations (food and supplements), lifestyle modifications, and my estimation of the length of time that I believe it will take you to complete your Healing Plan. The steps to your Customized Healing Plan will be emailed to you within 24-72 hours after your Case Review has been completed.

      3. Once you have received your Healing Plan, which will be 24-72 hours from the time of the completion of your Case Review, you can begin taking the steps that I have outlined that will accelerate your healing and reduce your symptoms. 

      4. You will follow-up with me within 2 weeks after the completion of your Case Review for a 90 minute appointment ($150).  The follow-up appointments must be scheduled by calling Bethel Holistic Clinic at 918-505-9650.  During the follow-up appointments, I will review/analyze your lab test results, amend previously recommended steps of your healing plan and also recommend additional steps that will help you to reach your health goals. 

  • Do you provide details on supplement and medication dosage in the program?

    • Yes! I will go over your thyroid medications and dosing, plus much more. I also have multiple assessments for nutrient depletions that will give you an idea as to which nutrients may be deficient as well as my recommended brands and dosing. If you are in the U.S., I will personally mail all of your supplements to you.  Please consider that the supplements are a separate cost.

  • I'm not sure if my problems are due to my thyroid or some other hormone.  Can you help me figure out which hormones I need?

    • Yes! I have an extensive knowledge of thyroid, as well as the other hormones in the endocrine system.  All of our hormones are connected in what I like to call "a hormonal web". So my understanding of how hormones are interconnected will help you to find which of your hormones need attention.

  • I had my thyroid removed. Can you still help me?

    • Yes! Customizing your thyroid hormone replacement dose will be of great benefit for you. Also, the reason why you had to have your thyroid removed is more than likely still at play, and this is probably why you're having health problems.  So part of my goal in the Case Review will be to uncover the Root Cause of why your thyroid was removed and then correct it so that you can heal.

  • I have Grave's Disease and I still have my thyroid gland? Can you help me?

    • Yes! Correcting the Root Causes of Grave's Disease will help to reduce the autoimmune response in your body.  If we can reduce the autoimmune response, then in theory, your high thyroid levels should decrease. 

I hope these questions are helpful for you.

Click here to Book Your Root Cause Analysis Case Review.

One more thing I wanted to mention – the Root Cause Analysis Case Review Healing Plan also comes with quite a few special bonuses in case you need a little extra encouragement to give this gift to yourself:


Optimizing our health starts with food. Figuring out which foods nourish us, and which ones cause us harm is the single most important thing we can learn in our health journey. You’ll receive access to recipes to help you on your journey. 



You’ll have the opportunity to order your own labs. I will show you which labs to order and I will analyze your lab results. *Note: US Only.  

Supplement Purchasing

All of my supplement recommendations will be tailored to your symptoms and lab tests, and you’ll also have the option to order high quality practitioner only supplements from my pharmacy.  *Note: US Only

Each person’s path is unique to them, and I believe that what you are going through can be life-changing not only for you — but for those around you. I invite you to take this next step in your journey. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Will you join me?

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