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The Thyroid Specialist 


Who is Jessica?

I am a Doctor of Pharmacy who is a Licensed Pharmacist in the State of Oklahoma with specialized training in Holistic and Functional Medicine.
I can work with you in reaching your health goals through convenient phone or Skype Appointments, no matter your location!
I pair my training as a Doctor of Pharmacy with my expertise in Thyroid and Hormones to create Customized Healing Health Plans for our clients here at Bethel Holistic Clinic.
My passion is to help you heal your thyroid and restore hormonal balance.  Struggling with weight issues, always being tired, or experiencing memory loss is no way to live.  I see how the traditional medical system is failing thyroid patients and I'm here to put an end to your health failures and turn you into a success story! 

My Journey

While working in retail pharmacies, I saw first hand how prescription drugs never solved my patient's health problems. In fact, it seemed that people got worse the more drugs they took. I knew there was a better way and so I began my quest and training into Holistic and Functional Medicine.


My husband and I were led to open Bethel Holistic Clinic, formerly known as Bethel Pharmacy, which is a Pharmacist-Led Clinic in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I began consulting women who had hormonal issues due to hysterectomies and menopause and I discovered something quite interesting:


Most of  My Menopausal Clients had a Thyroid problem that had gone untreated! 


It was so obvious to me and I couldn't understand why most doctors were missing it.  But then I realized....


Most traditionally trained doctors don't have a great understanding of hormones and how they dramatically affect a woman's health.  


In my opinion, a large number of my clients had hysterectomies because of an underlying thyroid issue that had gone untreated. 


That's when I knew that I had to do something to help more women avoid countless years of debilitating symptoms and heartache.  And that was when the Thyroid Specialist was born... 

Areas of Expertise

  • Thyroid 
  • Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)
  • Nutrition  

Media Coverage

Dr. Jessica Kanwhen is a recognized expert for treating hormones.  Click here to view Media Coverage.

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