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Benefits of Consulting with The Thyroid Specialist

The help you need. The care you deserve.

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What you get when you consult with me: 

  1. Your Own Personal Compounding Pharmacist who is knowledgeable on customizing Thyroid Hormone Doses and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Doses.  Now you won't be stuck with only Synthroid (Levothyroxine)!

  2. A Licensed Medical Professional who understands the role of hormones and how they dramatically affect your health.

  3. Your own Personal Medical Liaison who will go between you and your doctor. I am your Personal Pharmacist who works for you to convince your doctor(s) to order the right lab tests and to prescribe the right doses of thyroid hormones, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, and other customized compounded therapy.

  4. Your Own Personal Holistic Health Coach. 

  5. Nutritional coaching and Help to Identify the Optimal Diet for Your Body's Current Needs.

  6. Lifestyle Recommendations to Reduce Thyroid Symptoms, Autoimmune Symptoms, and Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalances.

  7. Your Own Personal Licensed Pharmacist.

  8. Medication Reviews to Uncover Medication-Related Problems.

  9. Help with Optimizing Medications, including Hormone Therapy.

  10. Your Own Personal Doctor of Pharmacy.

  11. A Licensed Medical Professional requesting the Right Lab Tests that will help to uncover what's really wrong with you. 

  12. Lab interpretations for adrenal, gut, thyroid, nutrient, metabolic, inflammatory, autoimmune, and hormones tests, so that you understand the next steps you need to take.  

  13. Supplement Recommendations to Complement Lifestyle Changes and Accelerate Health Improvements.

  14. Your Own Personal Chemist.

  15. A Licensed Medical Professional that thinks outside-of-the-box of the Traditional Medical System.

  16. A Licensed Medical Professional that knows what you need in both worlds of Traditional Medicine and Natural Remedies.

  17. A Licensed Medical Professional who is trained in Root Cause Medicine (Functional Medicine).

  18. Surgery and Prescription Drugs will no longer be your only options of getting better.

  19. A Licensed Medical Professional who stays up-to-date on the current scientific findings.

The Value

Paying for each one of these benefits/services would easily cost you $800 to $1000 per hour.  I personally have spent over $20,000 in thyroid and hormone training, not even counting the cost of my professional education (B.S. in Chemistry and Doctor of Pharmacy).  Adding up the cost of my educational investments would make my 1 hour consultation cost well over $2000.

But it doesn’t!

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